Type selection of peristaltic pump

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Pump head
   Flow rate - different pump heads can achieve different flow rates.
   hose replacement frequency - some pump head replacement hose is convenient and fast.
The number of pump heads - most pumps can be cascaded.
   flow accuracy - using standard pump heads (BZ25A, BZ25B, BZ25C) ensures maximum flow accuracy and repeatability accuracy.
   Chemical compatibility - the material of the pump head is very important. Hose damage or liquid splash may cause corrosion to the pump head.
Selection of hose
   Flow rate - different sizes of hoses can achieve different flow rates.
   hose life expectancy -- PharMed BPT Norprene and life cycle hose are the longest.
   fluid viscosity, particle size, or pressure for pump exit - please choose thick wall tubes or high hardness hose, such as PharMed BPT hose.
   Fluid temperature - Platinum sulfide silicone tube and peroxide treatment silicone tube at -50-230 C.
   Chemical compatibility - choose the right hose material for specific applications.
Select the drive
   Flow rate is proportional to the speed of the drive.
   Whether speed regulation is required and whether the invert is reversible or not is the choice of speed regulating actuator.
   The precision of flow rate or distribution volume - the flow type peristaltic pump and the digital allocating peristaltic pump can achieve high precision and high repeatability flow control.
   Remote external control - the driver with external control function can realize remote control or pedal switch control.
   Protection level - for harsh environment (high dust or especially wet environment), IP driver with high protection level can be selected
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